…..is a word about the past.  That is the topic for today’s post…..my past.  I’m not a person who “dwells” in the past really, but while I still have some of my faculties about me, I will try to recall as many events of my past as I can.  I don’t think there is much in my past that will be earth-shattering to anyone reading this, but it might be of some interest to my children, at best!  😀  Some of this will be information that I have learned over the years from my parents, especially from my earlier years.

1955 – 1960 Siblings

I really have no recollection of the time between October 8, 1955 (my birth date) to the birth date of my brother, Joseph William, on April 8, 1957.  That made us 18 months apart to the day.  At some point we moved to a house on Mud Pike Road in Osgood, Indiana.  On February 3, 1960 our baby sister, Kimberly Kay, was born.  I started 1st grade in the fall…..Kindergarten was not required then as it is now.  I vaguely remember a very old school building with a huge metal cylinder on the side of the school being the fire escape.

1964 – 1965 California here we come!

I was attending another school the year of 1963-64.  That may have been the year we sold our house to Bill and Thelma Lay and moved into a house that was shaped like a barn and was pretty close to some railroad tracks.  I have no recollection of where this house was and that must have been the reason for my changing schools.

Dad was stationed in California during his Army days and he decided that we would take a 2-week vacation during school’s spring break in 1964 and head to California.  The plan was that if he found a job we would stay.  The Thursday before we were going to come back on Saturday, he found a job at a gas station.  We lived in 3 different places in the 10 months we lived in California!  I finished out my 3rd grade, began the 4th grade and we moved back to Indiana where I finished the 4th grade at an elementary school in College Corner, Indiana.

We lived in the big farm house with dad’s sisters for awhile til we found a house to rent in College Corner.  I do not have any idea what type of work dad did when we came back to Indiana.  I do remember that we moved from College Corner to Liberty, Indiana where dad worked on a farm and part of the deal was living in the big farm house.  I have no recollection of school for the beginning of the 5th grade.  I recall the owner of the farm was awful to work for and dad was very stressed to the point of losing weight.

1966 – “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”  Ecclesiastes 3:1

The major turning point in our lives was when we began attending a Baptist church in College Corner, after we came back to Indiana, that my Aunts attended.  Eventually, mom and dad and I made professions of faith as we accepted Jesus as our personal Savior.  Dad applied for and got a job hauling freight with Emery Air Freight out of the Greater Cincinnati Airport which was located in Northern Kentucky.  We were all 3 baptized in a church in Dartown, Ohio and then Dad moved the family to a house in Union, Kentucky in January of 1966.  That meant another school to finish out the year in…..a very small country school where there were 2 grades in one room.

One of the greatest things that happened to us was when Brother Robert T. Ginn knocked on our door, welcomed us to the neighborhood and invited us to attend his church, the Big Bone Baptist Church.  What a blessing this man and his family was and has been down through the years!  We learned about the doctrines of Grace and the sovereignty of God from him.  Eventually, Tim would surrender to the ministry under Brother Ginn’s ministry.  But, I think this is a good place to stop for now.  The details from this time in my life to the present are numerous and filled to overflowing with the blessing of God, along with many trials!

Until next time!


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