Got up at 9:00 this morning!  My back was killing me!  I had to work out the kinks:

Cleaned up the kitchen

Dining/living room back in order


When Tim came over from the church for a break, I made a comment of going out to eat lunch.  And he suggested we go to the thrift stores since we missed going last Thursday.  Works for me!  😀  I didn’t find anything to buy, however!

We ate lunch at KFC/Long John Silver’s and I got our picture of us for the day.


It was 38 degrees and the wind was COLD!  We were supposed to have sun today, but it was pretty cloudy!  Here’s a picture of downtown Winston Salem from US52.


After we got back home, I put the Guest bedding back on and other things back in place.


Now, if I could magically make my craft room clean itself up, I would be set to go!  😀  I did get most of the junk off of my computer desk and worked in the checkbook.  And now it’s bedtime, but I think I will do some knitting.


What a mess!  😀


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